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Zestar Corporation


Year Station City Headline
2008 CBS5 San Francisco, CA Document Reveals Ford Knew About Paint Problems
2010 FOX31 Denver, CO Paint Peeling Police Cars - Aurora, Colorado
2011 FOX31 Denver, CO Car Paint Problems - Zestar Corporation Interview
2011 NBC5 Chicago, IL Car Owners Upset About Bad Paint Jobs
2012 ABC5 Cleveland, OH Elyria Police Cruisers with Peeling Paint
2014 FOX4 Kansas City, MO Problem Solvers Body Shop Fixes Peeling Paint
2015 WUSA9 Washington, DC 9 out of 10 Ford Models - Paint Defect
2015 WUSA9 Washington, DC Call For Action: Ford's Peeling Paint* *National Investigation
2015 NBC3 Cleveland, OH Paint Problems Bubbling Up on Cop Cars
2015 CBC Manitoba, Canada Paint Flaking off Ford Escapes has Manitoba Customers Seeing Red
2015 CBC Manitoba, Canada Dozens of Ford vehicle owners fed up with flaking paint problems
2015 CBC Newfoundland, CA Escape Owner wants Ford to fix flaking paint problems
2015 CBC Windsor, Canada Windsor Interview - Zestar Corporation Research
2016 KCTVS Kansas City, MO Officers Suspended
2019 CBS2 Los Angeles, CA Peeling Car Paint
Print Media Spotlight—Police Cars Retired after 40000 miles due to Peeling Paint

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Ford says no to Niles cruiser paint repairs

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Prisoners Paint Police Cars
"...due to a problem in the manufacturing process..."

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Peeling Paint on cruisers anger local police

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Police embarrassed by peeling paint on cars
"...nearly 45 percent of our whole fleet..."

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Volunteer Fire District — 4 Expeditions in service
"...years: 2008, 2012, 2014, & 2015 all...with corrosion on the lift gates"