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Zestar Corporation

Cash Payouts

Type — Inside and Outside of Small Claims Court Action | Category — Purchased New or Preowned — Dealership or Private Owner

Not a Warranty Issue — Consumer Fraud, Product Liability & Deceptive Trade Practices

2014 Expedition 2009 Expedition 2014 Escape
Year Vehicle Purchased State Defect Cash Payout
2019 2014 Expedition Preowned - Dealership Washington Galvanic Corrosion $4675
2018 2009 Expedition Preowned - Dealership Michigan Galvanic Corrosion $3000
2018 2014 Escape*
*Court Action Avoided
New Pennsylvania Loss of Adhesion $5000 + Courtesy Car 3 weeks

2001 Taurus 2004 Explorer 2003 Expedition
Year Vehicle Purchased State Defect Cash Payout
2015 2001 Taurus New California Loss of Adhesion $3208
2014 2004 Explorer Preowned - Dealership Maryland Loss of Adhesion $3606
2013 2003 Expedition Preowned - Private Owner Texas Loss of Adhesion $5000

Cash Payouts Inside and Outside of Small Claims Court Action

Zestar Corporation has provided Expert Opinion and Affidavits to vehicle owners involved in Small Claim Court Action throughout the United States and Canada. Owners have informed us that they have been successful when pursuing one or more of the following issues:
Consumer Fraud, Product Liability and Deceptive Trade Practices.

Owners have received cash payouts on vehicles purchased new or pre-owned. Payouts have been received on vehicles 10 to 15 years old. Additionally, we provide a "cookie cutter process resource" that has assisted some owners receive payouts without going to court.