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Consumer Exposé Reviews

Excerpt - Automotive Paint Shop Solutions

"A recommended book but perhaps not very comfortable reading for many players in the global automotive paintshop business."

Excerpt - ForeWord Reviews

"Although defective automotive paint is neither as deadly as Union Carbide's toxic gas explosion in Bhopal, India nor as environmentally destructive as BP's Gulf Coast oil spill, any industry wide fleecing of buyers on every continent deserves recognition."

" ...provides a persuasive study that will remind readers that the evidence of corporate dishonesty and deception peels off like the layers of an onion - or the paint on that car they just bought."

Excerpt from Coauthor of "Good Business: Exercising Effective and Ethical Leadership"

" ...they privately presented the data to the car makers (and paint manufacturers) with the helpful intention of calling attention to a quality problem likely to hurt the reputations of those companies in the long haul. They were ignored....You guessed it: again no response from either industry. Finally, ...went public with the book."

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