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Zestar Corporation

Defect Identification — Type & Category

Type — Design, Environmental or Factory | Category — Defined Attribute

Auto Paint Durability Inspection Report Assess Both Type & Category

Report consists of the following 10 sections
1. Owner & Vehicle Information
2. Dealership Information (necessary even if obtained vehicle preowned or from a private owner)
3. Inspection Information (Location & Paint Thickness Gauge)
4. Panel Substrate Verification
5. Digital Inspection Review — Paint Defects — 32 Categories
6. Digital Photos Review of Paint Issues
7. Uniform Paint Finish Metrics Check
8. Vehicle Production Day's Paint Metrics Correlation (information requested from auto manufacturer)
9. Auto Paint Durability Visual Inspection Summary
10. Auto Paint Durability Uniform Paint Finish Metrics Summary

Defect Identification
Type (Design/ Environmental/ Factory) & Category (32 Categories of Physical Attributes)

Design Defect refers to a business policy that will result in all the products of a particular type being manufactured as defective.
Environmental Defect refers to external factors outside the factory that initiated and caused the paint defect.
Factory Defect refers to product not being made to manufacturer's standards.

32 Categories - Paint defects have defined attributes (ie: Blistering/Orange Peel/Corrosion, etc.). 32 common categories exist.