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Case Histories

 Automotive Factory Paint Durability Analysis

Owners pursuing compensation inside & outside of Small Claims Court,
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Galvanic Corrosion
Thin Paint
Case Histories 3 of 3
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15. 2011 Kia Soul
2013 Minnesota Court Case
Takeaway: Thin Paint
Owner Won $4789
21. Pre-Owned 2005 Grand Marquis
2014 New York Court Case
Takeaway: Thin Paint
Owner did not cite legal cause
of action in initial complaint.
Court ruled in Ford's favor.
16. 2007 Pre-Owned Expedition
      2013 Illinois Court Case
      Takeaway: Galvanic Corrosion
      Court Ruled Factory Defect,
      however damages not awarded
14. 2006 Lincoln Navigator
      2013 Indiana Court Case
      Takeaway: Galvanic Corrosion
      Owner moved from Small Claims
      to District Court
13. 2006 Mercury Grand Marquis
      2012 Florida Court Case
      Takeaway: Thin paint
      Court ruled to another county,
      Owner dropped suit
17. 2003 Pre-Owned Expedition
Purchased from Private Owner
2013 Texas Court Case
Takeaway: Clearcoat Peeling
Owner Won $5000
18. 2004 Pre-Owned Explorer
Purchased from Private Owner
2014 Maryland Court Case
Takeaway: Basecoat Peeling
Owner Won $3606
zestar7011005.jpg zestar7011004.jpg
22. 2003 Mazda Tribute
2014 California Court Case
Takeaway: Thin Paint
Ford Manufactured, not Mazda
Court ruled in Mazda's favor
23. 2006 Ford Expedition
2015 Virginia Court Case
Takeaway: Galvanic Corrosion
Warranty Claim Argued
Court ruled in Ford's favor