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Factory Defect

 Automotive Factory Paint Durability Analysis

Automotive painting is a science. Processes exist within auto factories to
eliminate the generation of factory paint defects. Measurables (metrics) are
tracked in each of the following key areas to ensure defects are not created.
If a defect occurs, factory data exists to validate if the vehicle finish is a
factory versus an environmental defect.

1) Surface Preparation - When the unpainted vehicle (aka body-in-white) is
    not clean of contaminants, irregular blisters and other defects are created.
    The most prevalent defect from contaminants is galvanic corrosion.

Galvanic Corrosion
Thin Paint
2) Paint (Film Build) Thickness - Multiple layers of coatings comprise the paint
    finish of a vehicle. If any one layer of the multiple layers (e-coat, primer,
    basecoat, clearcoat) are not applied at the proper thickness, peeling will
    occur. The vehicle will also be prone to stone chips and loss of gloss.
3) Curing - If the coatings are not cured for the proper amount of time,
    orange peel will result due to paint leveling and shrinkage.